Back to "normal" now

Today is the day I start getting our life back to normal. It's been a whirlwind several days here with the house projects. My children need me to focus on them more, and I need it too. Today I'm back in the rhythm of waking up and hugging them in the morning, putting in a load of laundry, feeding the cats, saying hello to the trees outside, and saying hello to my plants inside, and then serving breakfast. I love having a routine. Last week my routine disappeared and the girls were cranky, we ran out of clean clothes, my rosemary plant, which I've kept alive all winter, almost dried up and died, and the cats felt neglected. The trees outside were the only thing that kept going, even without my daily salutations.

Erma is doing a bit better. She's not walking normally yet but she's getting there. I'm hesitant to start acupuncture only because it's so expensive. We'll see.

'A' performance for her dance class was on Friday. You might remember how nervous she got the last time. Before we went, I brought up the topic of feeling nervous, but she didn't care to discuss it. She was more interested in talking about what she saw outside the car window at that moment. At the performance, she did a great job. She twirled and swirled and followed the steps. She looked right at us and smiled on many occasions. When it was over, she said she felt nervous but said to herself, "I'll just stay up here so that Mommy and Daddy can see me dance. If I sit down with them, they won't get to see me." She's an amazing person!

'H' couldn't resist doing a few steps when the performance was over and the floor was all hers....

I'll leave you with a poem that I recently rediscovered. It's written by Anita Mewherter, a friend of my aunt.

Jigsaw Marriage

I look back in sadness now
'cause we almost got it right

I recall those young beginnings
when we emptied all the pieces
pell-mell upon the table
then turned each tiny bit
right side up for luck

worked together on the border
interlocking every piece
in a fragile cardboard frame
believing it would hold

studied the perfect picture
that was printed on the box
we linked the foreground fragments
to build the pretty cottage
with the children in the yard

but we never got the sky
we gave up before we reached it
let the pieces spill and scatter
I can't remember why it happened
that the pieces spilled and scattered

for we almost got it right


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