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:: enjoying some water play on this warm summer afternoon ::

I'm drooling over this fabric for the skirt I'm going to make at my sewing class. It's by Laura Gunn (have you read her blog?) and I love the colors and the design. BTW, if you're looking for fabric inspiration, The Quilted Castle has a wonderful online stash.

I'm not sure about the skirt pattern yet. Amy Butler's Barcelona Skirt perhaps?

I've been reading Half the Sky by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. It's a collection of oppressed women's painful stories and also the stories of how they have gone on to help other women, or how others are trying to help them and women like them. It's a book full of pain but also full of hope. We can make such a difference by supporting the people who are working on the front lines, by pressuring our elected leaders to pay attention to women around the world, and by educating others about the reality these women face. I knew about the topics covered in the book, but I didn't know how extreme the situations were. I knew that women were raped and treated as a weapon of war, but I didn't know the details until I read Dina's story. I knew that girls were forced into marriage and abused by their husbands, but it was Woinshet Zebene's story that moved me. I knew that women die in childbirth and after a prolonged labor can develop fistulas, but I didn't know what they went through and how horrible it really was until I read Mahabouba Muhammad's story. I knew that girls were sold into sex slavery and forced to become prostitutes, but it wasn't until I read Meena Hasina's story that I saw what goes on. The stories go on and on. And for each one, there is a story of hope, with an outline of how to help.

It's a powerful book.

Today at the library I took out Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson for myself and the children's book, Listen to the Wind, the Story of Dr. Greg and Three Cups of Tea. Mortenson has built schools in rural Afghanistan and Pakistan and is one of the people who has worked on the front lines making a difference.

Harper McConnell has lived and worked in the Congo at the HEAL Africa hospital for a few years, going right out of college. She has seen first-hand what happens to women when they are marginalized and their healthcare is neglected. Learn more about her. Teach your children about her. She's doing amazing work.


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