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'A' had her final dance performance of the season yesterday. She's come so far in the past few months in terms of performing in front of a group. She was happy and at ease, which is a dramatic change from the first time she stood in front of a group of adults and danced.

Pretty much all of our structured activities are winding down - dance class, gymnastics and swimming. So many of the other things we do every day will continue to keep us happily busy all summer long, like playing with friends and poking around in our garden. I'm happy that the classes are coming to an end. The girls are at the age where we're getting to be very busy, and with the busyness comes a bit more exhaustion for all of us. I would like to think that these next few months will be a welcome break. But summer never is as lazy and relaxing as I want it to be...

I've come to a new stage of dealing with my grief over the oil catastrophe in the Gulf. I think I'm accepting that it's all really happening, and although I'm not willing to accept the fact that life with even more polluted water is the new reality, I realize that I have to. I'm not happy to sit back and do nothing about this though. This is a journey for me and for all of us to realize just how dependent we are on oil and to find ways to break the cycle. It's a journey where we can begin to learn about alternative sources of fuel, alternative materials to use in our daily life, and alternative ways of living and looking at our lives so that we don't rely so much on oil, plastic and other synthetic materials. Here's a link to a list of things that we may use everyday that are made from oil: http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/classroom/wwo/petroleum.pdf.

Take this journey with me.

Last night Jeff and I made strawberry jam and today we're heading to the Hyde Collection for a sneak peek of the new Andrew Wyeth exhibit. Add some garden work and later, an evening spent listening to great music with wonderful people, and you end up with a really nice weekend.

The pie was delicious, by the way. The recipe came straight from the Joy of Cooking. You can't go wrong if you have that book handy on your shelf.


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