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"Give me a toothy grin!" I said, and this is what I got, followed by peels of laughter.

And this is our first daylily blossom of the season. It opened up as the sun rose this morning. It introduced us to our day.

A quick update on animal news -

Remember the mama and papa house finch who built a nest outside of our garage? We waited and waited for those little babies to leave the nest and we actually got to see it happen with our own eyes one evening. It happened about a month ago. I stumbled upon it without realizing I was witnessing a magical dance. The mother bird hopped out of the nest and sang and danced, then flew away and kept coming back to repeat the routine. Finally one of the birds popped up to the edge of the nest and waited for a few minutes, listening to it's mother, and then it went! Back came the mother bird to dance and sing next to the nest. Up came another bird... I wanted to sit and watch but my goodness, do you know how long it takes one bird to get the courage to pop up and fly? A long time! I was trying to cook dinner and I didn't have the time to sit and watch. Seeing one go was enough - barely enough - for me.

Fast forward to this week. I woke up recently and thought, "I should see if that bird nest is clean enough to salvage and keep in our home." When I went to check on it, I saw that someone had added a fresh green layer to the nest! Then I saw them - the mama and papa again. They're back! I've been picking 'A' up every day to peer in and give a report. Today she said that there are two eggs in the nest. Magic! I'm excited to watch it all unfold again. And this time around, as a second time bird grandmother, I'm a little more relaxed about the process. I know what to expect, and I know that my cats won't be eating the babies. Whew!

The other thing to tell you about is Erma's progress. Erma is our sixteen year old cat and I took her to the holistic vet recently because I wanted her to have some relief from what I thought was arthritis. She's now on a higher quality diet and she takes a few vitamins and supplements every day. She likes it. At the second appointment, the doctor and I agreed that her limp hadn't gone away so she did some acupuncture on Erma. I really don't know much about acupuncture. What I do know is that it WORKED for Erma. Wow, what a difference. She's not only not limping anymore, I swear she's getting younger every day. This whole experience has opened my eyes to a new form of medicine.

May you be blessed with good health today.


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