I'm finally figuring some things out!

This is 'A's last week of preschool. I took some photos of her with her teachers and it's just amazing to see how different she is with each one. This first teacher left very suddenly a few weeks ago because she got the notice that the child she was hoping to adopt had been born and was ready to go home. It was all very sudden and the girls missed her so much after she left! She came back to visit yesterday and brought her baby boy with her. She had quite a fan club, look at all the little girls hanging on her every move!

Finally during this last week of school I've started to put 2 and 2 together. 'A' has been saying for a while now that she doesn't like going to preschool. I ask her why, but I try to ask open-ended questions so that I don't lead her down a different path than she's on, and the questions never really result in much. I get answers like, "I don't like the way the boys play."

Yesterday she told me that she doesn't know what to do sometimes at preschool. "I don't want to do the crafts sometimes and I don't like to play because the boys are always playing too rough in the play area and Miss K won't let me read books unless it's time to read them, and I just want to have some alone time sometimes." Okay, now that is an answer I can understand! That makes perfect sense to me. Two and a half hours in a classroom setting for a kid like 'A', who needs a lot of self-directed activities and a lot of short "alone time" breaks, is tough. When I think about what she does at preschool compared to what she does at home, the two are completely different. Not only does she get to have breaks at home when she needs them, she also gets to run the activities and do what she wants, and our craft time is much different. At home I have blank paper and they get to color whatever they want. 'A' is very "process-oriented" and she likes to color, cut and glue, but after she's happy with a piece of art and considers it "done," she has even more fun cutting it up or gluing even more papers on top of it until it's unrecognizable. At preschool, the kids get the materials out and are given a model that shows what the end result should look like. When she reaches the end result, the teachers take it away from her and she's moved on to the next activity. But really, she's not even close to finished.

No wonder she doesn't want to do the crafts. I can't tell you how many times the rest of the kids are sent home with their craft and I'm told that 'A' did not want to do it.

It's nice to get to know her better and see how she likes to spend her time, and see what will make her feel frustrated, bored, overwhelmed or stifled. She's happiest when she's making her own decisions about how to spend her time. And my, is she busy when she gets to make those choices.

Our garden continues to come to life and I'm just amazed by it. I still have no faith that we'll have a harvest and I'll believe it when I see it. But so far it all looks good!

We made cloud pictures to learn about the different types of clouds this morning and weeded the garden a bit, and now I'm going to make some bread and veggie burgers. We're off to the farm today and we have to pick up a nice plant to put in the hand painted planter we made for 'A's teacher. I'm thinking lavender.


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