Hello there - I'm enjoying a few precious moments of "me time." Every night after dinner I give Jeff the option of either giving the girls a bath or cleaning up the dinner dishes. I've learned that it's best if he chooses.

Tonight I did a Super Job of cleaning up most of the dishes before dinner hit the table, so after dinner, I wanted the clean up job (which included rounding up the garbage from the kitchen and bathrooms and taking it out to the curb). I told him to have fun giving the girls a bath - something he rarely does now that he's living with a herniated disk and has trouble sitting still. So here I am, dishes done, garbage out, and I get to look at my photos from the past weekend while he gets the girls ready for bed.

We visited my dad and Marilyn over the weekend in Rhode Island, where they live year round. They're in a beach community, and they live on an inlet but have access to a private beach on the ocean. When the weather is nice, which it was over the weekend, we pack up our snacks and entertainment and sit on the beach and play.

Good things in our life:

:: Many of our tomatoes have borne fruit: Super Sweet 100's (3 fruits); Yellow Pear (3 fruits); Speckled Roma (2 fruits); Brandywine (2 fruits). No fruit yet from Amish Paste, Zebra, or Cherokee, but lots of flowers, so fruit will hopefully come soon.

:: Our CSA pickup at the farm is tomorrow and this is what Justine said we're most likely getting:

"Fennel, Lettuce, Cilantro, Cucumbers, Spinach, Mesclun, Scallions, and a surprise (I hope) that begins with “S” – sorry, it is not strawberries."

What do you think the "S" is? Soybeans?

:: I cleaned out my email and it's *sparkling" clean! I unsubscribed from a bunch of newsletters, deleted all of my junk that was mixed into my inbox, and just spent some time tidying everything up. Nice!

:: Tomorrow we're going to the library to sign 'A' up for the summer reading program. I think she's old enough this year to really get it. Talking with the librarian and the book buddies will be good practice for her.

Today at the playground I pushed a girl on the swing for a while and later, when 'A' wanted to be pushed, the girl's grandma pushed 'A' a for a bit. The grandma then told me that 'A' had spoken very nicely to her and told the grandma her name and when she was born, in addition to some other tidbits. It's nice to watch her grow and learn to speak with adults.

Speaking of growing, I counted 'H's teeth today for fun and saw that her final molars came in without me knowing! It's not that I didn't know at all -- a few weeks ago when she wouldn't sleep at all I did tell Jeff that I thought she was teething, but for me to not have peeked in earlier and take time to recognize this milestone makes me sad.

And speaking of grandmas, here's mine: The Infamous Grandma Millicent. If you met her, you won't forget her, and if you haven't, you have missed out.



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