My camera is being professionally cleaned and I may not have it until Monday. Despite how I feel, I know I'll live. Right? Right. Here are some more photos from last weekend.

'A's saga continues... today she woke up with eyes that felt funny, and soon enough they started to drip. By lunchtime I was pretty sure it was a sinus infection. She's due to see her doctor tomorrow anyway, so I called and made sure we could wait until tomorrow to have her seen. She's uncomfortable, to be sure, but she'll live. Poor thing.

Despite all of that, her energy level is UP! She did her fair share of running around today and this afternoon she wanted to spend time with me solving some math problems. If I had a sinus infection, no way would I want to think about anything or run anywhere. Not her. It's really wonderful to watch 'A' learn more about numbers and math and see that she is starting to "get it." We sat with 12 buttons and I would give her a few and tell her to take away or add enough to get a certain result. We played it as a game, so we got a rhythm going and she liked going FAST. 7 buttons on the floor, take away enough to leave 4... 5 buttons on the floor, add enough to have 8... Then we did a bunch of "divide this set in half" games, where I would give her an even number of buttons and she would divide them into two equal groups. Then she would get enough to divide evenly into thirds, and then by 4. She loved it.

What's happening in Haiti makes me very sad.

I'm enjoying the One Small Change project. I like making things into a game for myself, and the way the challenge is set up, making one change each month, is perfect for me. It paces me so I don't get overwhelmed and do too many things at once, and overall it helps me to stay motivated and focused. I've got some thoughts about the things I'll do the next few months. Cloth hankerchiefs to cut down on our tissue use? Cloth produce and bulk grain bags for the store and farmer's market? The possibilities are limitless.

I do wish I had my camera to show you the little beds I made today for 'A's and 'H's kitty and bunny families. The girls each picked out a basket at the thrift store a few days ago and today I made mattresses and blankets for the animal families. We all loved giving the animals a place to snuggle for the night, and I loved the idea of the animals staying together, all in one place, so we can find them when we want them! Oh, to be organized and happy... I wish I could live this easily all the time. Don't you?


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